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8 “Game Of Thrones” Actors Who Also Played In ‘Harry Potter’

Let us remind ourselves how Game of Thrones took our normal lives. We used to socialize and go out, but now we are just waiting for ‘winter to come’.  This American fantasy drama tv series was created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and it’s an adaptation of A Song if Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels. And while you may think you’ve read every possible thing about the actors, there is still something new to be discovered.

Be warned – this may shock you! Some of the GoT cast members were also members of one of your other favorite franchise, Harry Potter!

Let’s take a look at how some of the same amazing actors made these two great scripts come to life.

1. Catelyn Stark – Michelle Fairley

She was the fierce mother wolf — that is, until it all came to a tragic and unexpected end. Played by the wonderful Michelle Fairley, Catelyn tried to protect her children from harm. Howeverm she ultimately failed as she met her own end.

Hermione’s mum

Can you actually believe it? She was Hermione’s mum! She played Mrs. Granger.

2. The King-Beyond-the-Wall – Ciarán Hinds

Mance Rayder, played by Ciarán Hinds, was once a brother of the Night’s Watch and a Southerner, but that didn’t stop him from becoming one with the Free Folk north of the wall. Such a powerful character!

Aberforth Dumbledore

Ciarán Hinds portrays Aberforth Dumbledore in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Although his role is not that big in the franchise, it’s easy to remember him from the scene when he helped Harry, Ron, and Hermione find a way into Hogwarts.

3. Dickon Tarly – Freddie Stroma

Freddie Stroma does a great job at portraying the younger brother of Samwell Tarly, although he had only a minor role in the tv show. When Sam shows up back home with Gilly and her son, we are introduced to him at the dinner table.

Cormac McLaggen

In the Harry Potter franchise, we get to see Freddie Stroma in action as Cormac McLaggen, a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts, during a game of Quidditch. Although he only has small roles in both films, Freddie’s acting make his characters very memorable.

4. Lord Walder Frey – David Bradley

He is probably one of the best actors out there for portraying creepy characters. Lord Frey is the one who sets up the Red Wedding in order to pay back Robb Stark for betraying his oath to marry one of his daughters. Such a memorable scene.

Argus Filch, the caretaker

David Bradley also played the creepy caretaker who wandered around the school with his cat, trying to catch kids breaking the rules.

5. Osha – Natalia Tena

Natalia Tena is absolutely amazing as Osha, the wildling who originally tries to kidnap Bran but then manages to become an advisor and protector to the young Stark boys.

Nymphadora Tonks

She brought a ton of charm and comedy to the role Tonks and pulled it off so well.

6. Dagmer Cleftjaw – Ralph Ineson

He probably has one of the most hated roles in GoT. If you don’t remember him, you’ve probably blocked that memory. Actually, he was the one pushing Theon’s buttons, which basically leads to the taking of Winterfell and all of the atrocities that follow.

Amycus Carrow

In a similar way, Ralph Ineson portrays a villainous character in Harry Potter. In an attempt to avoid punishment, Amycus tries putting the blame on the kids for allegedly forcing Alecto to notify Voldemort by pressing her Dark Mark.

7. Grand Maester Pycelle – Julian Glover

The slimy, double-crossing advisor to some of the most evil royals in Westeros, Pycelle really knew how to get under your skin.

 Aragog the giant spider

Yes, we got to hear this great actor. He voiced the giant spider Aragog who lived deep in the Forbidden Forest. Despite being good friends with Hagrid, this spider was super creepy, amirite?

8. Archmaester Ebrose – Professor Slughorn 

He made his debut as Archmaester Ebrose at the Citadel.

Jim Broadbent played the well-intentioned, if somewhat daft, Professor Slughorn who comes out of retirement to teach potions at Hogwarts.

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A Song of Ice and Fire – Game of Thrones – Conspiracy Theories

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin has gained lots of fans from the time the first book in the series, A Game of Thrones, has been published in 1998. In the last two years, after the Game of Thrones series was released, that fan base grew even larger. Even though there are many fans of the series who won’t be bothered by reading the books, there are plenty of those who wanted to see more details and learn more about the world of Westeros, and it’s aristocracy – House Lannister, House Stark, House Targaryen, and others, and those indulged in the books.

A Song of Ice and Fire is far from over

Unfortunately, only five of the planned seven have been published so far. George R. R. Martin is known for not being a book worm who has no life outside his writing, so many fans sometimes feel outraged when he chooses to visit a comicon rather than sit in his room and write the books all day long. It took 6 years between the publishing of A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.

Now, the hardcore fans had nothing better to do while expecting the next installment in the series to come out than to re-read the books that were already out. When you first read a story, it’s easy to rush ahead to see what happened, so you might miss a lot of details that are important. George R.R. Martin is a master of such details. When re-reading the books, you come across many details that make sense only after you know what happens in the following books.

Since there are still two books to come out, The Winds of Winter, and A Dream of Spring, we are left with many cliffhangers. Never mind if you are a fan of the series, or the books, or both, you should be aware that George takes a lot of time to create the credible and realistic characters and story that we like so much, but also that he is coming to an age now, and that he loves his fast food. The worst nightmare of the fans is that he will die before he finishes the story. We hope that will not happen.

But even if it (God forbid) does, there are so many fan made theories that someone else could easily finish the story for him. We doubt it would be as ingenious, but it definitely would be interesting.

Popular fan made theories

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series who has no plan on reading the books, and doesn’t want to hear any spoilers, you should stop reading. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Now that we are passed the warning, we can start with the first, and most interesting, theory. Jon Snow, a favorite character of many fans, is known as the bastard son of the noble Ned Stark. This is where the problem begins. Lots of fans wonder how someone as noble and just as Ned Stark would cheat on his bride so soon after the wedding. Also, nowhere in the book does Ned say that Jon Snow is his son – he always says that Jon is of his blood.

In A Game of Thrones, when Ned is left in the dark of the dungeon, he thinks of the past, he dreams, and eventually he hallucinates. So, we find out how the rebellion that made Robert Baratheon a king was made because Ned’s sister and Robert’s fiance, Lyanna, was supposedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, Mad King Aerys II’s son. She died in the bed of blood, making Ned swear something to her.

So, the theory is that Lyanna was not kidnapped, but rather fell in love with Prince Rhaegar, and they had a baby. Since Robert Baratheon hated Rhaegar, Lyanna made Ned promise to protect the child knowing she will die after giving the childbirth. Ned Stark, being an honorable man and a good brother, raised that child, Jon Snow, as his own son.

The second theory concerns Ser Sandor Clegane, Joffrey Baratheon’s Hound. After the Battle of the Blackwater, the Hound escaped. During his wanderings across the Westeros, he meets Arya and takes her so he could ransom her from her mother Catelyn Stark, and brother Robb Stark. After that attempt fails, he tries to take her to Riverrun. He gets wounded in a fight, but instead of killing him, Arya just leaves him lying next to a tree. Everyone believes him dead.

Now, Brienne of Tarth is also wandering the Westeros, trying to find Sansa and Arya Stark. She comes to a little island where silent monks live. She sees a tall man in a hood who digs graves for all the victims of the war, and she also sees Hound’s fierce horse in the stables held by those monks. The main monk tells her how he found the Hound dying, and Hound told him the story of his life.The fans think that Sandor Clegane managed to tell too much of his story before he died, so they think that he’s not dead at all. He might be that silent monk who was digging graves, and he will still have a lot to do until the story of A Song of Ice and Fire is told.

Yet another theory concerns Sandor Clegane’s brother, Ser Gregor Clegane, The Mountain that Rides. He was killed in a fight with Prince Oberon of Dorne. However, many fans doubt that this is completely true. It is known that Maester Qyburn, Cersei Lannister’s man, was stripped of the Maester’s title for dealing with dark magic and performing experiments on people who were still alive to research death. Fans believe he used his fascination with death and dark magic to use Gregor’s body to create an undead, similar to wights created by the Others. After Cersei’s walk of shame, she is taken by a huge knight in armor. Nobody sees his face, and that is suspicious, since Gregor Clegane’s skull was supposedly sent to Dorne.

There are a few other theories as well, also not as developed. For example, that Coldhands, an undead who took Bran Stark, Hodor, Meera and Jojen Reed to the Children of the Forest, is actually Benjen Stark. Or that Yaqen H’ghar is now at the Citadel in the Oldtown, where maesters are trained.

We can’t discuss all these theories in detail here, but if you have read the books, feel free to tell us what you think of these fan made theories.

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Game Of Thrones AudioBook Review

Television writer and career author George R.R. Martin is fast approaching the landmark to becoming a legend in contemporary literary history with the grandest of epics ever written in recent times – A Song of Fire and Ice – that begins with the book titled A Game of Thrones. Launched in 1996, the first book was truly a trendsetter and an apt harbinger of a wonderful epic series that has been continuously published by Bantam Books. With time, formats in books are read all over the world have undergone a sea change, necessitating the creation of the audiobook. In this article I have attempted an unbiased and just Game of Thrones audiobook review.

A Game of Thrones story wonderfully creates a world of fantasy replete with medieval sensibilities and ambiance, and contains a rich abundance of detailing, excellent use of intriguing political scenarios, a multi-layered social order as prevalent in those times. The real story encompasses several different regions – from old pin forests to harsh mountain landscapes, from resplendent castles to rich cities, nomad camps to vast scorching deserts. The book opens with a sense of summer fading away and much foreboding days of winter looming ahead. It is worth mentioning as part of the Game of Thrones audiobook review, how wonderfully the narrator Roy Dotrice captures this aura in the recorded format of the book.

In any case, it is quite difficult for an audiobook to match the standards of a previously published and vastly popular book that has been read by scores of people. This Game of Thrones audiobook review is however of the opinion that this is exactly where the audible format of this particular book scores equal to the readable one. Although the Game of Thrones is an extremely popular book, it was published way back in 1996. Over the next 15 years 5 more epic tales of the series have been launched, necessitating people to go back and take a look at the original characters and people from the first book, time and again. As part of the Game of Thrones audio book review, it is right to state that whenever people have wanted to go back and take a quick recap of the first book, they have been more prone to choose the audio format for it saves them a lot of time as they can listen to it while simultaneously doing other important works.

The Game of Thrones audiobook review would also like to shed light on a prominent inadequacy of the audible format of the book. It lies solely in the fact that several listeners who are first time users of the audio format of this particular book have complained of their inability to comprehend what the narrator is saying. This may be due to the accentuated English of narrator Roy Dotrice or due the fact that the places and characters in the book are so large in number that quite often it becomes pretty difficult to keep track until and unless one has read through the actual story. However those who have read the book previously and are using the audible format for recap purposes faced no such difficulty due to their familiarity with places and characters.

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The “Game of Thrones” Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to know how to get the majority of your list to eagerly read all of your future emails, then this post will show you how.

But first, I have to tell you something: I’m a massive “Game of Thrones” fan-boy.

(Yep, uber-geek alert.)

But I bet you’ve never made the connection between “Thrones” and email marketing. You say you haven’t? Good. Because let me enlighten you: “Thrones” and email marketing have a lot in common.

Don’t believe me? More fool you! Because I’m about to tell you why they’re as closely linked as Jaime and Cersei Lannister. (Game of Thrones “insider” joke… )

Anyway, whether you watch it or not, there’s one thing you’ve got to admit… It’s completely revolutionised T.V. It’s pretty much as popular as film now. In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are now getting into television. Even Tom Hardy’s got his own series coming out next year.

To put it layman’s terms, Game of Thrones is super-popular.


So what’s made it so big? Just how has it gripped so many people?

There’s a few reasons. But the one that relates to email marketing is this:

The show’s writers and producers very rarely resolve any storylines. And even when they do, it takes them AGES to do it. Instead, they end most episodes (and even whole seasons) on a huge cliffhanger.

If that isn’t pretty much forcing people to come back every week and carry on watching, then I don’t know what is.

Imagine if they didn’t use cliffhanger endings, though. Imagine if they resolved conflicts before the end of each episode… People would have no real reason to come back and watch the next one.

And whilst this current season has been pretty slow so far, they’ve done it for this very reason. They’re saving the best storylines for the last two episodes.

And next week, we finally get to see the end to one of these gripping storylines (or what we presume is the end). You see, there’s a guy called Jon who’s one of everyone’s favourite characters, and there’s a guy called Ramsey who, let’s just say, isn’t so well loved…

Anyway, next week, both these characters go to war against each other. It’s being called “The Battle for Winterfell”. It’s gonna be epic.

And you know what?

The fact the show’s producers have made us wait so long for it, is exactly what’s getting everyone so excited. It’s to do with the whole suspense factor. We’ve wanted to know what happens for ages. It’s this that keeps us so eagerly watching every week.

And guess what? You need to do exactly the same thing with your emails.

You need to create a similar level of excitement, suspense, and curiosity amongst your own email list. If you don’t, then the people on your email list will be far less inclined to carry on reading your future emails.

But if you can do this, then you should see a potentially dramatic increase in your sales.

So how do you do this? Well, just like a “Game of Thrones” episode, you should also leave your emails on cliffhanger endings. For example, tease your list about what you’re going to reveal to them next time. This will ensure people are almost desperate to read your next email.

Anyway, it really is one of the most powerful email marketing strategies you can use.

When you know how to do it effectively, your sales and marketing will never feel like “battles” that need to be fought again.

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Book Review – A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Career author and television writer George R.R. Martin is well on his way to becoming a legend in his own time with his grandest of epics A Song of Ice and Fire that begins with A Game of Thrones. Published by Bantam Books, this astounding novel launched this epic fantasy series in 1996.

A Game of Thrones creates the usual fantasy genre world with Medieval technology and sensibilities, and Martin enriches it with abundant detail, deft use of political intrigue, and a many-layered development of the social order of his magical realms.

The Fantasy World Setting

Written on the scale of a true epic, A Game of Thrones covers many different lands from harsh northern landscapes of old piney forests, to wealthy cities with high castles, scorching deserts, and barbaric nomadic encampments. An overarching theme of the world is its peculiar climatic state in which seasons shift slowly. It can be summer for decades and winter for decades. As A Game of Thrones opens, it is said that the summer is fading, and with much foreboding, that the time of winter is coming.

The social order consists of nobles and commoners, referred to cleverly as smallfolk. Religious power is dominated by the state church that worships the Seven, but this has been superimposed upon a far older religion that was closer to nature. All the castle strongholds of the ancient families contain a sacred grove called a Godswood. Once all the Godswoods contained a heart tree as a divine presence, but most have been ripped out since the rise of the Seven. However, one of the main noble families in the story, the Starks, still honor the Old Gods and have a heart tree in their family’s Godswood.

A scholarly order called the Maesters is also an important player in the social order. The men of this order are learned in many subjects, almost limitless subjects if they are ambitious, and they also fulfill the function of delivering medical care. Each noble family has a Maester in its household. Maesters also handle most communication with letters and messenger crows.

An omnipresent force in the story is the Wall in the north. It is an ancient and massive construction of ice that guards civilization from the Wildling people of the far north and other more threatening supernatural dangers. The Wall is manned by the Night’s Watch. Members of the Night’s Watch take no wives and are ostensibly sworn to celibacy. Some men volunteer for the Night’s Watch, which is called taking the black, but since the duty is hardly attractive, necessity demands that the ranks be filled from captured criminals as well.

Characters and Plot

No review can attempt to convey the full complexity of the plot of A Game of Thrones, but suffice to say the flashpoint of the fantasy novel’s immense plot is the overthrow of the entrenched dynasty of the Targaryens by Robert Baratheon, which took place about a half a generation prior to the opening of the novel. Upon this setting of a recent upheaval, old ambitions and resentments linger among powerful families based on who sided with whom during the war between Baratheon and the Targaryens. Also, two heirs of the Targaryens survive in exile and plot to reclaim their kingdom.

  • Daenerys – The young and beautiful surviving daughter of the ancient Targaryen Dynasty, she rekindles inside her the potent mystical power that once made her family stronger than all others. Her family is “the blood of the dragon” and reborn in her care are the dragons of old. The hatchlings suckle at her breast. With such growing power at her command, the usurpers of her kingdom will surely know her wrath in due time.
  • The Starks – Much of the fantasy novel is told from the perspective of the members of this noble family, Eddard, Catelyn, and their children. They are compelling characters that draw out the sympathy of the reader, especially because their choices tend toward the tragic.
  • Jon Snow – The bastard son of Eddard Stark, his mother is a mystery. Jon Snow, knowing that he cannot be his father’s heir, decides to take the black and join the Night’s Watch on the Wall.
  • Tyrion Lannister – He is a dwarf, which carries on the fantasy genre tradition that often includes dwarves, except he is not a different race. Tyrion is a human dwarf. He is much reviled by his family, but he finds power in his scheming wit and he is a thoroughly interesting character.

The strength of Martin as a writer comes through in his characters. He constructs his fantasy novel entirely from the point of view of different characters. Each chapter is named for the character that will be guiding the story for that portion of the novel. The style of Martin’s story telling has more modern grit than fairy tale charm. His fantasy is not meant for children, which has made him a resounding success. Additionally, Martin has mastered the cliffhanger. He knows how to end a novel and leave a reader truly in need of more.

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What Game Of Thrones Can Teach Us About Internet Advertising Agencies

Whether you’re a fan of the show or perhaps have never watched an episode, just about everyone on the planet (or so it seems) is familiar with the television show, Game of Thrones (GoT). It’s influence on mainstream media is such that just about everything has had its own GoT twist, and in that same vein, even internet advertising agencies are also within the grasp of influence of this show.

It’s perhaps better said that internet ad agencies are, in some ways, quite similar to the happenings on GoT, and given the serious nature of the show’s material, one might start to wonder how exactly advertising on the internet could be so cutthroat. The truth is that online ad work is a pretty brutal world.

Before getting too caught up in dragons & the colors of weddings, it’s best to approach this topic by way of exploring common themes found in GoT that relate fairly well to the world of internet advertising. For starters, perhaps the most important theme in both realms is power. Everyone wants to ascend to the top, and the means by which that will happen are fairly unscrupulous at times. That may be a bit harsh in terms of the advertising world, but there is truth to the idea that the internet ad agency world is becoming congested, leading to more competition between agencies. Clients are highly touted prizes in the advertising landscape, and with the right relationship being forged, an ad agency can see its level of influence over internet advertising spread.

It’s important to look at the notion of justice & its underlying partner, cunning. GoT takes the idea of justice & turns it on its ear because in most cases, those that are good & just are quickly decimated. The bad guy tends to be the victor, and this is through his or her use of cunning. In terms of advertising, justice as a concept can best be looked at in terms of parity among agencies in securing new clients. Cunning is the manner in which agencies now have to maintain a much more narrow focus on specializing in certain areas of the online advertising game. Moreover, cunning is also understanding that getting the right people in your agency will increase your chances of success because you’ve sought out the best.

Finally, internet advertising agencies are fully immersed in the GoT themes of maturation and hard truths. As ad agencies weigh their success against less than positive results, they get better at knowing what works & what doesn’t. They also realize that not only are antiquated strategies in need of updates, but general adaptation to a new, tech-savvy world is vital for survival. Standing still, being lazy, or resting on one’s laurels will do no one any good, and in the end, ad agencies are also in danger of fading away.

Internet advertising agencies, it seems, are involved in a rather high-stakes game of success or failure. Much like Game of Thrones fans, online ad agencies are left wondering what will come next, but in such a tough business landscape, they don’t have the luxury of waiting for the next season.

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Game Of Thrones: TV Fantasy for Grown Ups

The series starts off in a wintery forest north of a huge wall that separates the untamed north from the “civilised” land known as the seven kingdoms. The Wall was built to keep out the creatures that are supposed to emerge from the northern forests during particularly hard, decade long, winters. But they have not been seen in a thousand years and most people think of them as being just legends. However, in the first scene we see they are not. Undead creatures with a hatred for all living things. The first few minutes shows dismembered bodies of men, women and children and then one of the undead beheading a ranger from south of the wall on a scouting mission. Harry Potter this ain’t.

Most of the series concerns three families. The dour but noble Starks headed by Sean Bean (Surely he must be a dab hand at the swordplay at this stage.) The Lannisters headed by Lena Headley. She is queen to Robert Baratheon, a once proud warrior and friend of Ned Stark (Bean) who is now gone to seed. He has no interest in his royal duties or his marriage-of-convenience wife Cersie. She also despises her husband and is having an affair with her twin brother….. yep, you read that right. The other family is a brother and sister: Dany and Viserys Targaryen. They are the last of their family. Their father was the previous king. He and all the rest of the family were killed when Robert assumed the throne. They fled to another country across the sea deep to the south. Viserys is dying to get his throne back and marries his sister to a local tribal chieftain in exchange for use of his large tribe in regaining the crown.

The fantasy elements are kept to a minimum. The creatures behind the wall are only briefly seen throughout the season, magic is mentioned but is never seen and seems only to be the appliance of science and medicine. There once were dragons but they are now thought to be extinct.

Instead season one concerns the rivalry between the Starks and the Lannisters and the scheming of Viserys.

The big draw (and criticism) of the series is the reliance of sex and violence. Initially it almost became a parody of itself. All of the adults seem to get naked at some stage in the show (Prompting critics to nickname it “Game Of Bones”) and the violence in it can be extreme for a TV show.

The other big draw of the series of books (And, as the viewers of the series are finding out) is that you genuinely do not know what is going to happen next. Alliences are formed and betrayed almost weekly and nobody is safe.


Sean Bean’s character Ned Stark is the obvious main character of the series. Noble to a fault and trying to keep up with the scheming of the Lannisters and their cronies. The story seems to revolve around him. His illegitimate son goes to join the guards on The Wall, he is despised by Viserys for helping Robert usurp his father. Cersie Lannister distrusts his honesty and tries to tempt him to the dark side. All the promotion of the series surrounded Sean Bean’s character. From the posters to the re-released book covers focused on a brooding and troubled Ned Stark……… Which made his death in the second last episode extremely surprising. To say the least! One was always assuming that, given Sean Bean’s high profile as an actor and all the promotion surrounding his character that he was going to be the main “good guy”. Internet reaction was extreme with everyone now wondering who is next.

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Reasons to Own Game of Thrones Merchandise

Game of Thrones season 7 has just ended. There’s just one more season left and if rumours are to be believed that final series is only going to happen in 2019. For all GoT fans, counting the days until Jon Snow and gang return to TV screens is going to be almost unbearable. But at least we’ve got some amazing GoT merchandise to keep us company until then. If you need convincing about why you should own one, then here you go:

It makes the wait easier

The season 7 finale was epic to say the least. So much happened and we had such little time to process everything. Littlefinger is dead, Jamie has left Cersei, Brienne and the Hound have made up, the R+L=J fan theory has been confirmed, Dany and Jon (aunt and nephew) have gotten together and a blue-eyed Viserion has finally allowed the Night King to march south after having destroyed a part of the Wall. Right now when the momentousness of all these events are finally sinking in, we just can’t wait for the next and the final season of Game of Thrones to return. So while that excruciating wait is on, having some amazing Game of Thrones merchandise at hand should ease the anticipation.

It shows your support for your favourite House


Come season 8 and we’ll know who exactly gets to sit on the Iron Throne, or maybe there wont even be an Iron Throne eventually, who knows? It’s Game of Thrones after all. But whether it’s House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Greyjoy, House Martell or everybody’s favourite, House Stark, that you want to see victorious in the end, you can show that you’re rooting for your heroes with awesome GoT t shirts for men at VoxPop.

It’s just the coolest thing to wear right now

Game of thrones t shirts for men are the most stylish things you can wear at the moment. Why you ask? Well for one, it’s the best ever show on the entire planet! What better to show that you’re in with the trendy crowd that with a stylish black crew neck with the Seven Kingdom’s map imprinted on it? Or maybe even a casual shirt with sigil prints of all the Houses in Westeros? Now if that’s not cool then we don’t know what is.

It’s a conversation starter

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and wearing a t shirt that says, “The night is dark and full of terrors.” Now that’s one statement making clothing that you can’t beat. You’ll immediately have people surround you and over cups and cups of coffee, you’ll find yourself having long winded discussions about the Red priestess from Asshai, Melisandre, her male counterpart Thoros of Myr, who sadly was ruled by a wight polar bear, Beric Dondarian and Jon Snow who were both brought back from the dead by the Lord of Light. More and more reason for you to wear a Game of Thrones t shirt

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6 Reasons Why You Cant Miss Any Episode of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a TV series set in the medieval age, where the extreme climatic conditions determined the dynamics of society and people’s behavior.


This TV series is about a power struggle between several families competing for the throne of the kingdom, but only one can win. To get the precious throne they will have to face vicious schemes, romances, betrayals, battles and tons of drama.

In this Game of Thrones, kings, queens, knights, renegades, liars, nobleman and good men will all play for a chance to win the coveted kingdom. If you are not a faithful follower of the series, here I’ll let you why you should be.

The showtimes for Game of Thrones are in Programacion TV


1. The topic of the series: The main theme of the story is medieval drama, which includes knights, swords, dragons, kings, wolves, guardians and others. This genre hasn’t been well explored in television, because of the complexity of medieval productions. Undoubtedly, this genre has fascinating elements like fights for power, schemes and battles between members of different kingdoms.


2. The series is consistent with the book: This is a series based on the book “Cancion de hielo y fuego”” written by David Benioff y Dan Weiss. The books are long and the events too stretched thus making the story a bit slow, but the TV adaptation that HBO produces for the story is amazing. The dialogues are bitter and heartbreaking, the drama also moves fast, which give us unexpected surprises.


3. The atmosphere of the story: Like all HBO series, the attention to detail is very important for the realism of the story. The costumes, the jewelry, the decoration, the realistic fights, the blood in the scenes, the places, the castles, the landscape, the sets…everything is very well thought out and built. It makes the story, even though it happens in a fantasy world, appear exciting and believable.


4. The plotting: The history of royal families is full of secrets, lies and betrayals and of course, Game of Thrones isn’t at all different. It’s very exciting to discover the true face of the characters and how they reveal the secrets to their pasts progressively throughout the story. 2. The intro: The trailer and the music in the beginning of the series are spectacular. Every time I see it, I feel like I’m sitting in a movie theater. The intro gives the series even more of a dramatic feel than it already has and makes the audience start every episode with an excited feeling.


5.Excellent performances: I really like that the series has new actors. Almost all of the actors that perform in the series are unknown, but they are incredibly talented. There are some really good scenes that have made me laugh and cry. There are some moments in the series where the adrenaline takes over and the actors don’t seem to be performing anymore, which proves just how realistic this series can be.