Game Of Thrones AudioBook Review

Television writer and career author George R.R. Martin is fast approaching the landmark to becoming a legend in contemporary literary history with the grandest of epics ever written in recent times – A Song of Fire and Ice – that begins with the book titled A Game of Thrones. Launched in 1996, the first book was truly a trendsetter and an apt harbinger of a wonderful epic series that has been continuously published by Bantam Books. With time, formats in books are read all over the world have undergone a sea change, necessitating the creation of the audiobook. In this article I have attempted an unbiased and just Game of Thrones audiobook review.

A Game of Thrones story wonderfully creates a world of fantasy replete with medieval sensibilities and ambiance, and contains a rich abundance of detailing, excellent use of intriguing political scenarios, a multi-layered social order as prevalent in those times. The real story encompasses several different regions – from old pin forests to harsh mountain landscapes, from resplendent castles to rich cities, nomad camps to vast scorching deserts. The book opens with a sense of summer fading away and much foreboding days of winter looming ahead. It is worth mentioning as part of the Game of Thrones audiobook review, how wonderfully the narrator Roy Dotrice captures this aura in the recorded format of the book.

In any case, it is quite difficult for an audiobook to match the standards of a previously published and vastly popular book that has been read by scores of people. This Game of Thrones audiobook review is however of the opinion that this is exactly where the audible format of this particular book scores equal to the readable one. Although the Game of Thrones is an extremely popular book, it was published way back in 1996. Over the next 15 years 5 more epic tales of the series have been launched, necessitating people to go back and take a look at the original characters and people from the first book, time and again. As part of the Game of Thrones audio book review, it is right to state that whenever people have wanted to go back and take a quick recap of the first book, they have been more prone to choose the audio format for it saves them a lot of time as they can listen to it while simultaneously doing other important works.

The Game of Thrones audiobook review would also like to shed light on a prominent inadequacy of the audible format of the book. It lies solely in the fact that several listeners who are first time users of the audio format of this particular book have complained of their inability to comprehend what the narrator is saying. This may be due to the accentuated English of narrator Roy Dotrice or due the fact that the places and characters in the book are so large in number that quite often it becomes pretty difficult to keep track until and unless one has read through the actual story. However those who have read the book previously and are using the audible format for recap purposes faced no such difficulty due to their familiarity with places and characters.

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